Employees Wanted

Appin is seeking several new employees on a full time, part time and casual basis. Skills in mechanical engineering are needed, specifically related to Control Systems and/or HVAC.


BACnet Success Stories
Central Permit Facility Libertyville, Illinois

Appin Associates were instrumental in the planning and implementation of the Lake County Central Permit Facility - a green building with virtually all building systems integrated into a common BACnet Internetwork.

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Appin is a 30 year old Consulting Engineering firm based in Winnipeg, Canada, centrally located for easy access to any location in North America.  The business focus is on Building Automation Systems for HVAC, lighting, security and other building systems.  Appin has pioneered the concept of “Networked Controls”, whereby one makes a network connection to a device to get all the data instead of hardwiring to specific alarm and control points.  Appin also designs new and renovated HVAC systems and operates training courses for Facility Managers and other staff involved in operation and control of HVAC or BAS systems.

Appin works with new building projects and renovations, from the design stage through construction, commissioning and training, to assist Facilities Management personnel.  The aim is increased sustainability through smarter design, operation and maintenance – which can be achieved with metering, monitoring and remote access for maintenance.