Employees Wanted

Appin is seeking several new employees on a full time, part time and casual basis. Skills in mechanical engineering are needed, specifically related to Control Systems and/or HVAC.


BACnet Success Stories
Central Permit Facility Libertyville, Illinois

Appin Associates were instrumental in the planning and implementation of the Lake County Central Permit Facility - a green building with virtually all building systems integrated into a common BACnet Internetwork.

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Grant Wichenko photoGrant N. Wichenko, P. Eng. - President, Appin Associates (1980-Present)

Mr. Wichenko began work as an analyst for the Manitoba Government.  He went on to work as a consulting engineer for several years, creating market studies and business feasibility studies on variety of manufacturing and commercial ventures.  His international work includes various projects in Zimbabwe, Barbados and France.

In 1980 he established Appin Associates with two partners and he has remained President through the company’s development and growth from dealing with small, residential solar projects to its present position as a North American leader in BACnet applications for HVAC systems, Direct Digital Control (DDC) Systems, Design, Specification and Commissioning and LEED-qualified energy efficiency control systems.


  • President, Appin Associates (1980-Present).
  • Economic and Market Study Consultant, Johnson, Lowe & Associates Ltd. (1980 - 81)
  • Industrial Engineering Consultant (1979)
  • President, Starbow Art Productions (1978)
  • Analyst, Manitoba Government (1974 - 78)


  • B. Sc. (Mech. Eng.), U. of Manitoba, (1974)
  • P. Eng. (Manitoba, 1977), (Ontario, 2002), (Nunavut and NWT, 2009)
  • Industrial Ventilation Course (Level I), Michigan State University, (1986)
  • State of Mass Provisional Lead-Based Paint (LBP) Inspector's and Contractor's licence (1992)
  • Misc. courses on NBC and NFC, DDC, IAQ problems, commissioning and energy management


  • Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of the Province of Manitoba (APEGM) (1977)
  • Former member, various Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) technical committees on energy efficiency (1986 - 88)
  • Member, Manitoba Municipal Board (2000 - 04)
  • American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) (1990).  Mr. Wichenko sits on a number of ASHRAE committees relating to BACnet standards development.  He is the longest sitting Consultant Member of SSPC 135 – the committee charged with development of the BACnet standard and has recently taken on the Chairmanship of the Applications Profile Working Group (AP-WG) for this committee.  He is also a member of SGPC 13 – charged with development of the Building Automation System (BAS) Guideline Specification.  He is involved with ASHRAE 201P, the Smart Grid Committee and is a member of the Meter Rapid Development Group.