Employees Wanted

Appin is seeking several new employees on a full time, part time and casual basis. Skills in mechanical engineering are needed, specifically related to Control Systems and/or HVAC.


BACnet Success Stories
Central Permit Facility Libertyville, Illinois

Appin Associates were instrumental in the planning and implementation of the Lake County Central Permit Facility - a green building with virtually all building systems integrated into a common BACnet Internetwork.

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BACnew logoA properly designed Building Automation System (BAS) is critical for Facility Operations to create and maintain a “green” facility.  Here is how ASHRAE’s BACnet protocol and a properly designed BAS can help meet the Facility Executive’s goal of long term sustainability for a new or an existing facility.

The three critical components are: (1) a Networked Controls design, (2) remote Internet access and (3) a commissioning process that is managed by Facility Operations.

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Appin was contracted by a large public sector client to work with their construction “arm” to establish a “Source List” of three (3) pre-qualified controls vendors who would be entitled to bid on work at pre-defined locations across Canada for the next 5 years.  In addition to qualifying these vendors for the Source List, the process was to create a score for each vendor that would represent 40% of their total score on a “Best Value” assessment whenever they bid on a Source List job.

Grant Wichenko (left) at Source List demo

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