Employees Wanted

Appin is seeking several new employees on a full time, part time and casual basis. Skills in mechanical engineering are needed, specifically related to Control Systems and/or HVAC.


BACnet Success Stories
Central Permit Facility Libertyville, Illinois

Appin Associates were instrumental in the planning and implementation of the Lake County Central Permit Facility - a green building with virtually all building systems integrated into a common BACnet Internetwork.

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photo Grant Wichenko as teacherAppin offers a variety of courses designed for different levels of staff responsibility in the Facility Management area.  The purpose of these courses is to enable staff in their current positions to provide more efficient and cost effective services and to facilitate the movement of qualified staff into more responsible positions.

Our Introductory Course is the most basic. Taught with visual aids, overheads and actual equipment parts, it is intended to enable the students to identify easily the various pieces of HVAC equipment with which they may have to work.  It also gives them a preliminary understanding of the way this equipment works, the part it plays in the overall HVAC system and what is required for basic cleaning and maintenance.  While many employees are required to have a certain level of qualification, our experience has shown that they still need to learn to apply this in a practical way to the equipment they will be administering to in their work.

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